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Gas Line Installation, Repair, Maintenance

Plumbing 360 is knowledgeable and skilled in installing and repairing gas lines throughout Tucson Arizona. Our technicians can safely and efficiently install new gas lines for any new appliance or repair existing gas lines that need fixing. Working with gas lines is a potentially dangerous undertaking, but our staff is well trained and follows all the proper procedures so that you may have confidence that the gas lines for your home or business are installed correctly and fully to code.

Planning on Building? Planning on Digging?
Make sure your not digging into buried utility lines. Plumbing 360 can locate gas lines for you so that you can avoid costly and dangerous situations.


SMELL – An unusual odor, like that of rotten eggs. Because natural gas is lighter than air, colorless, and odorless, an odorant is added to help customers smell gas if a leak occurs.
HEAR – An unusual noise coming from the ground or an above-ground pipeline. A hissing roaring sound may indicate escaping natural gas.
SEE – Discolored vegetation surrounding a pipeline,or water or dirt blowing into the air.

Leave the vicinity immediately.
Warn others. Do not light a match, start or stop an engine, use a phone, switch on or off lights, or do anything that might create a spark.
From a safe place, immediately call your local gas company or call 911

If you think we may be of service to you, please call 520-889-2900 or complete our online request form.